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Welcome back to campus ASU!

So classes and dorms are finally full, but how’s your closet looking? If sporting that overpriced graphic tee that just about everyone else will be wearing on campus isn’t what you have in mind, then it’s time to give us a visit. Hit up our shop on the north side of Mill Ave. and let us help you design a full-fledged apparel line of awesome; or we can design and press your first custom tee. You gotta’ start somewhere right?

Plus, we’re not just talking the standard Sun Devilish tees, but also classic university tees on your favorite raglan or hoodie (yes, we’re thinking ahead). New to AZ? Try reppin’ Tempe with a custom-colored light rail map or, our favorite, the Love Tempe or Leave Tempe tee.

Remember that you can also purchase any licensed ASU apparel, bring it into the shop, and get it customized with your name, team, or year. Whatever’s clever. Not to mention that it’s perfect for Game Day and the possibilities are ridiculously endless. So go ahead and shoot us your ideas at [email protected] and we (most likely Amber) will get you started by sending you back a mock up, or better yet, come visit us on Mill Ave. and 5th Street. Read more about the types of artwork we accept and/or prefer here.

Don’t forget to Follow, Like, and Stalk us on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram: @brandxtshirts – we always love feedback and pics!

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